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Homebrew: Single-Hop Simcoe Porter

Brewed a ~3 gallon batch of this porter yesterday, first brew on my new brew-in-a-bag equipment!

  • 3kg Maris Otter

  • 500g Brown Malt (supposedly 480EBC / ~180 L !!!)

  • 500g Caramel/Crystal 60

  • 125g Black Malt

24l starting volume / strike water @ 74C.

Mash at ~68C for 90 minutes, my temperature at the end was 66C.

Drained grain bag while bringing to a boil, squeezed some wort out but nothing extreme.

  • Boil 20g Simcoe @ 60 minutes

  • Boil 20g Simcoe @ 10 minutes

  • Boil 20g Simcoe @ 5 minutes

  • Dry-hop 40g Simcoe for a week or so

Pre-boil Gravity: 1.047

Original Gravity: 1.054

Wyeast 1098 fermenting around 21C.

Missed my target OG by a bit as I had more liquid at the end than anticipated. Not unexpected though considering this is my first time on this setup. Strike water temp was a degree or two higher than needed as well but got it down to target quickly. I was inspired by  To Øl Black Ball Porter but I’m curious to see how hoppy it turns out. May have to call it a black IPA. Next time I’ll drop the strike temp a bit and reduce my start water to get the OG up higher.