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Webmailmng failed: Unable to create vhost configuration

When attempting to add an IP address to a server via Plesk 9.3.0, I received the following:

Error: Unable to add ip address to web server configuration: webmailmng failed: Unable to create vhost configuration for atmail webmail

It appears that the issue is a bug within this particular version of Plesk’s webmailmng, which has it looking in:


for Atmail information instead of:


where the data actually resides. The quick fix is to make a symbolic link pointing the previously non-existent /etc/psa-webmail/atmail to /etc/psa/webmail/atmail as follows:

ln -s /etc/psa/webmail/atmail /etc/psa-webmail/atmail

I was then able to add the IP without any issues. I believe this bug has been resolved with the latest updates of Plesk 9.3, but I was unable to test.